A message from the Chairman


Cities are already home to half the world’s population and generate a massive energy and environmental footprint. Yet at the same time, they provide real leverage to achieve the aims of energy transition, through a renewal of the way we travel, work and consume. Improving urban energy efficiency is thus a major issue, yet one that is particularly complex to address. Much of this is due to the systemic nature of the city, with very diverse modes of production and…

Claude Arnaud, Chairman


Efficacity intitute

Efficacity is an R&D centre dedicated to energy transition in urban territories. Since its launching in 2014, it brings together the skills of over 100 researchers from industry and public research on a single site, to foster close collaboration between…

Our aim

Efficacity aims to develop a new approach for urban energy efficiency. The institute works on innovative solutions development to support actors at every stage in their urban projects. In support of projects. Tools and methodologies…

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Our R&D projects

Research works are organised into three programmes, each divided into two projects.

Our partnership