Innovation support on producing a programming study for a water park

How to integrate energy transition issues into the programming
of a major public facility?


The Communauté d’Agglomération Paris – Vallée de la Marne (formerly CA Val Maubuée) was keen that its Cité Descartes water park should set an example of sustainable development and called on Efficacity to provide its support.


Efficacity’s task was to support the authority in consolidating a final programme covering the following points:

  • Geothermal energy;
  • Energy mix;
  • Water treatment;
  • Water consumption;
  • Energy saving: recovery of building internal heat (air handling, etc.);
  • Building instrumentation and technical management during the operating phase.


Efficacity focused first on gathering and processing a large quantity of data via feedback from several partners, and then on a bibliographical study of best practices and technological developments.

Following a project context study to arrive at an objective assessment of energy needs and resources, Efficacity put forward a selection of proposals for energy savings and efficiency at the water park in the context of its setting.


Proposals for target environmental performances:

  • R&REN content > 50%
  • Consumption, all uses < 2,200 kWh primary energy/(m² total surface area/year)
  • Water needs < 94l/day/user
  • Heating consumption of the outdoor pool < total consumption of an indoor pool of the same size
  • Introduction of an automatic water sampling system for self-testing of water quality

Transcription of proposals in the programme.

Client Communauté d’Agglomération Paris – Vallée-de-la-Marne

Dates 2015

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Efficacity a réalisé un important travail de collecte et traitement des données sur plusieurs retours d’expériences de ses partenaires