Modelling the energy needs of the Inovel Parc business district

How to support a business district in its energy transition strategy?


Continuing the work of the “Sustainable Planning and Business Districts” standardisation commission (CN ADQA), the French standards agency AFNOR Normalisation established an experimental platform at the Inovel Parc business district. The platform was intended to test certain indicators for French standard NF P14-010-2 “Sustainable planning – Business Districts – Part 2: key performance indicators”.

In view of its core activity, and the opportunity to test its energy simulation tool (PowerDis) on a business district, Efficacity took on the task of calculating the indicators for the energy component.


The aim was to carry out an energy simulation for the Inovel Parc business district. The teams from VGP and Dassault System then projected the data obtained onto a 3D digital model of the business district.


In order to carry out the energy simulation for the Inovel Parc business district, Efficacity took on the following tasks:

  • Identification of the local data available (land registry, building permits, land use files, etc.) to supplement the energy simulations produced by the PowerDis tool;
  • Characterisation of the energy performance of the various types of building in the business district;
  • Tests and feedback on the use of PowerDis on a business district.


The results of the energy simulation, projected onto a 3D digital model, were presented at a colloquium on sustainable business districts, attended by elected officials and managers from Vélizy-Villacoublay and VGP, and managers from other business districts in France (Lyon Part-Dieu, Sophia Antipolis, Euralille, Euroméditerranée, the ICADE Quartier du Millénaire, etc.) and overseas (Beijing Future Science Park, Changping District of Beijing, Jinan Innovation Zone, etc.).

Following this initial study, which modelled only building energy needs, the VGP authority expressed an interest in setting up an R&D partnership with Efficacity to pursue and intensify the modelling work and profit from further support in implementing its energy strategy.

Client Versailles Grand Parc (VGP)

Dates 2016 - 2017

Members Mairie de Vélizy-Villacoublay, Dassault System, AFNOR Normalisation

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Les études réalisées ont convaincu la collectivité de s’engager dans un partenariat de R&D avec Efficacity en vue d’un accompagnement sur sa stratégie énergétique